Difference between a Developmental Optometrist And a Regular Optometrist

Our Jasper And Evansville, IN Developmental Optometrist Shares the Difference Between Developmental Optometrists (FCOVD) vs. Regular Optometrists

Optometrists board certified in Vision Development and Vision Therapy (FCOVD) are Fellows of the College of Optometrists in Vision Development (COVD). This unique certification identifies optometrists who have undergone extensive post-doctorate training and continue to take part in ongoing education in order to maintain specialization in development/behavioral vision care and vision rehabilitation. In addition, your developmental optometrist in Jasper & Evansville offers vision therapy for both children and adults. 

A developmental optometrist may also be referred to as a pediatric or behavioral optometrist. They are qualified to:

  • Evaluate the influence of visual abnormalities on performance and behavior in children
  • Assess tracking (oculomotility) of the eyes (this is the ability to control focus and aim of eyes on specific objects)
  • Determine accommodative skills (how well a child's eyes adjust and focus when changing distance between near and far objects)
  • Test visual perception and motor integration skills (this determines if a child is analyzing and understanding what they see and tests their eye/body/hand coordination and visual discrimination capabilities)
  • Correct vision problems associated with strabismus/ambylopia/lazy eye

What is Vision Therapy?

Your developmental optometrist in Jasper & Evansville, IN provides vision therapy for correcting developmental vision problems without resorting to surgery or medication. Vision therapy involves enhancing vision by improving eye focusing, eye teaming and tracking abilities impaired by one or more muscle/nerve miscommunications.

Vision therapy sessions guided by your developmental optometrist consists of a series of activities specially designed to develop the ability to:

  • Focus on a succession of stationary objects with both eyes simultaneously (for improving reading comprehension)
  • Change focus from one object to another quickly without experiencing blurriness (improves accommodation)
  • Use both eyes together as a "team" (eliminates interference existing between the eye that can suppress the flow of information from the other eye to the brain)
  • View a greater portion of their periphery while looking straight ahead (increases safety, reading skills and self-confidence)
  • Improve three-dimensional vision (depth vision)

If you think your child would benefit from receiving vision therapy in Jasper and Evansville, please call our developmental optometrist today to schedule a consultation appointment at our Vision Development Center: 812-482-1411.


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