When To Refer Patients to an FCOVD

When an OD Should Refer Patients to an FCOVD

If you are dealing with patients who suffer from vision disorders you need to know when to refer patients to a developmental optometrist in Jasper and Evansville IN. Vision therapy offers a wealth of benefits ranging from correcting vision issues without eye surgery, as well as strengthening the eye for improved visual performance. However, patients need to be referred to a FCOVD by a qualified eye doctor in order to receive treatment. Learn more about when you should refer a patient for vision therapy services at Vision Development Center.

Understanding the Services of a FCOVD

An eye doctor who is FCOVD is board certified to provide vision development and vision therapy. For certain types of eye conditions and vision disorders, you want to refer your patients to a FCOVD optometrist. Here at Vision Development Center, Dr. Joan Bauernfiend is a FCOVD development optometrist in Jasper and Evansville. She provides specialized eye care that includes binocular vision and vision therapy. Dr. Bauernfiend is currently accepting referrals from optometrists for patients who are in need of vision therapy for the treatment and correction of eye disorders.

Identifying Patients for Vision Therapy

The American Optometric Association reports that between 15 and 20 percent of the general population have visual efficiency problems. Furthermore, among children diagnosed with learning disorders, at least 20 percent struggle with visual processing. Vision therapy in Jasper and Evansville can assist with visual efficiency concerns. In order to treat this demographic the AOA has released clinical practice guidelines to help with choosing patients for vision therapy. 

Begin with the patient’s case history. Ask detailed questions about their visual performance, such as whether computer use causes eye strain or if they find it difficult to concentrate on reading. Next, analyze the patient’s clinical findings for visual efficiency, which are noted in a comprehensive vision test. You should also evaluate their visual processing to check for issues. Optometrists will need to use intuition when identifying processing or perception concerns, which is an evaluative skill that develops over time.

Conditions Treated With Vision Therapy

If you are concerned that a patient suffers from eye problems that require vision therapy, check out the list of conditions treated here at Vision Development Center. We provide treatment for strabismus and amblyopia, as well as disorders of convergence/divergence and accommodation. Patients who have suffered from traumatic brain injuries can also receive appropriate vision therapy by our developmental optometrist in Jasper and Evansville. Additionally, if your patient is struggling with learning problems or visual perception problems, we can assist these individuals by offering specialized eye therapy. 

Contact a Developmental Optometrist in Jasper & Evansville, IN

To begin the referral process for patients with vision disorders, you need to contact a developmental optometrist in Jasper & Evansville IN. Consider the services of Dr. Bauernfiend at Vision Development Center. She specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of vision disorders including strabismus, amblyopia, and various vision problems. Contact our office at 812-482-1411 to make a referral for your patient.


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