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Vision Development Center Is Your Preferred Location for Comprehensive Vision Assessments in Jasper & Evansville Vision assesment in jasper & evansville

If you’ve been looking for a knowledgeable developmental optometrist in Jasper and Evansville, you’ve come to the right place. The team at Vision Development Center is devoted to providing patients with thorough vision assessments, which are essential before coming up with a vision correction plan.

In advance of your eye examination, the doctor will speak with you to learn more about when you first noticed your vision difficulties and to see if there are any lifestyle or work factors that may affect your eyesight. You’ll also discuss your overall health, which can be a contributing factor for problems with vision.

Vision Exams to Identify Disorders 

Most patients know how important it is to come in for routine eye exams at least once every year. Your optometrist in Jasper and Evansville IN wants to take this opportunity to inform you that vision exams are available to identify various disorders requiring treatment.

Visual acuity tests are designed to show the eye doctor how well you can see with both eyes as well as their capabilities on an individual basis. You may already be familiar with this type of exam, which involves reading letters of varying sizes on a chart.

Refraction tests help the eye doctor see how your eyes might be compensating for astigmatism, farsightedness or nearsightedness. A piece of equipment called a phoropter lets the optometrist present you with various lenses to see which ones focus items more clearly for you.

Other important eye exams will test you for eye movement, eye teaming and eye focusing. Patients who have experienced difficulties with these eye activities can undergo optometric vision therapy. The tasks they work on in vision therapy appointments can lead to improved neural pathways that will function faster and better as they build more connections in the brain.

Strengthening the mind-body connection is an important aspect of vision therapy treatment.

Vision Disorders That Can Be Treated With Vision Therapy

As your optometrist in Jasper and Evansville IN will tell you during your initial consultation, comprehensive vision examinations are required to find whether patients have a vision disorder that could be treated with a vision therapy program. 

Vision correction is possible for a number of vision disorders, including: 

  • Binocular dysfunctions
  • Visual motor disorders
  • Vision perception disorders
  • Ocular motor dysfunctions
  • Amblyopia
  • Strabismus

This list is not complete. For more information about vision disorders that can benefit from vision therapy treatment, you are invited to consult with the optometrist. Discussing the details of your particular vision disorder with the optometrist must occur before a customized treatment plan can be developed.

Make an Appointment for a Vision Evaluation Today With a Developmental Optometrist in Jasper and Evansville

Determining that you have a vision disorder is just the first step. Once the eye doctor discovers the nature of the problem with your eyesight, it will be time to devise a comprehensive, individualized treatment plan just for you. For more information about the vision evaluation services we provide or to make an appointment, please contact Vision Development Center today at 812-482-1411.


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