Computer Vision Syndrome

Computer Vision Syndrome Treatments in Jasper and Evansville, IN

If you work regularly using a computer or digital screen, then you may be suffering from computer vision syndrome (CVS). This condition, also known as digital eye strain, is a commonly associated with office workers who spend at least seven hours a day looking at a computer monitor or tablet. Fortunately Joan Bauernfiend, OD, FCOVD is a developmental optometrist in Jasper and Evansville who has experience in treating CVS. Learn more about this type of vision disorder along with how to protect and treat computer vision syndrome. 

Symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome

Individuals who suffer from computer eye syndrome commonly experience eyestrain and blurred vision. CVS can also lead to dry eye condition, in which the tear ducts do not produce the right amount of moisture, either too much or too little. Additionally, this condition leads to neck and shoulder pain due to the strain on the eyes. Headaches including migraines are also associated with computer eye strain. 

Causes of Digital Eye Strain

The cause of CVS or digital eye strain has to do with the work environment and setup of a computer user. For instance, if there is a glare on a computer screen it can force the eyes to strain to see clearly. Over a period of a few hours, this constant strain adds stress to the eyes and surrounding muscles. Other issues include not having proper lighting, which should include reducing blue light. This can be achieved by using a blue light filter or wearing specialized eyeglasses to retract blue light from computers.

Ergonomics also plays a factor. If the computer user is not seated properly at the computer or is at an improper distance for viewing, i.e., too close or too far away, it strains the eyes. Finally, if the individual has undiagnosed vision problems this also adds to the eye strain and leads to computer vision syndrome. 

Treatment Options for CVS

In addition to correcting the ergonomics of an office space, suffers of CVS can seek treatment through vision therapy in Jasper and Evansville. Eye therapy helps by exercising the eyes so they are better able to handle the strain of staring at a computer.

Other remedies include the 20-20-20 rule. As noted by the American Optometric Association every 20 minutes while working, computer users should take 20 seconds to look 20 feet away. This can give the eyes a break from the strain that causes computer vision syndrome.

Additionally, the individual should get a vision assessment by a developmental optometrist in Jasper and Evansville to check for other vision disorders or eye problems. By diagnosing other related eye conditions, the computer user may be able to combat vision problems linked to CVS.

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