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Our relationship with the medical community is built on a simple premise: Vision Development Center is a resource for you.

As a specialized optometry office, we’ve made binocular vision and vision therapy our primary focus. By specializing in this area since 2009, we’ve been able to help quite a number of your patients – often dramatically improving their lives. Vision therapy has also yielded success nationwide.

Our focus allows us to complement other health professionals. We don’t dispense glasses or contact lenses, and we don’t treat pathology. We consider those to be the specialty of the primary care optometrist, and we rely on that expertise to provide exceptional service.

Operating in this fashion gives us the flexibility to establish referral relationships with optometrists and other medical health professionals throughout the state.  We’re conscious of the relationships you have established by informing all patients and families of our professional ethics.

Vision therapy will NOT treat true dyslexia, learning disability or ADD/ADHD.

It is not uncommon for families who come to our office to also have concerns about dyslexia, learning disability and/or attention deficit problems.  We educate families that while vision therapy will not directly address these conditions, a poorly functioning visual system can mimic or complicate them.  It is our recommendation that a visual dysfunction is addressed first with a program of vision therapy.  After remediation, the possibility of a coexisting condition can be more accurately addressed.

Vision Development Center specializes in the therapeutic treatment of:

  • Strabismus
  • Amblyopia
  • Disorders of Convergence / Divergence
  • Disorders of Accommodation
  • Vision problems associated with traumatic brain injuries
  • Vision-related learning problems/visual perception problems

Referrals can be made by calling our office at 812-482-1411 and/or faxing a referral form along with exam notes to 812-482-1422.


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  • "Wonderful office and staff, my son received vision therapy and we were very happy from the beginning to end!!!"
    Kristy B.