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Sports Vision Training in Jasper and Evansville at Vision Development Center Sports Vision training for improved athletic performance in jasper & evansville

In order for athletes to do their very best, it’s crucial that their eyes perform as well as possible. For many individuals, some training is required to improve things like eye-hand coordination and the overall processing power of their eyesight. 

Athletes in search of non-surgical vision correction in Jasper and Evansville need look no further. At Vision Development Center, your preferred developmental optometrist in Jasper and Evansville, we are devoted to helping people improve vision for sports using state-of-the-art techniques and the latest equipment.

What to Expect from Sports Vision Training in Jasper and Evansville

If you have never undergone sports vision training in Jasper and Evansville, an introduction is in order. The purpose of sports vision testing is to evaluate how well your eyes function when it comes to athletic endeavors. This kind of testing goes beyond standard vision tests, which check patients for how well they can read letters on the eye chart.

Whether you require improvement in throwing and catching balls, avoiding opponents, speeding up your reaction time or getting better depth perception, our staff has the experience and knowledge to set up your customized plan to improve vision for sports.

After you go through sports vision training in Jasper and Evansville in our facility, where we specialize in vision correction for athletes, you can expect to have an edge over your opponents.

Skills You can Improve with the Help of Your Optometrist in Evansville & Jasper IN

Your optometrist in Evansville & Jasper IN wants you to know that a number of visual skills can be improved when you take advantage of our approach toward vision correction for athletes. We will work with you on the following skills and more:

  • Central-Peripheral Awareness: The quality of your peripheral vision awareness can make a difference in the outcome of a game. For example, quarterbacks need to be aware of open receivers on the field as well as any approaching opponents. Or, you must know where the ball is all times, along with the location of your teammates and coach. 
  • Contrast Sensitivity: Your ability to distinguish between objects of varying contrast levels may spell the difference between gaining points or seeing the other team score against you. Consider an outfielder tracking a small white ball against a blue sky or a golfer who needs to tell the difference between the rough and the fairway and you can realize just how valuable it would be to improve this sports vision skill.
  • Dynamic Visual Acuity: Being able to see the world clearly while you are in motion is a major requirement of any athlete.
  • Visual Reaction Time: It’s crucial to have the fastest reaction time when you are in the middle of an important game. Visual reaction time governs how well you can respond to an incoming baseball or tennis ball, for example. From volleyball to soccer and all other fast-moving sports, this skill is one you’ll want to develop to its full potential.

Make an Appointment With Our Developmental Optometrist in Jasper and Evansville Today

If you’ve been searching for a developmental optometrist in Jasper and Evansville, you’ve come to the right place. The team at Vision Development Center has years of experience helping athletes and other active individuals to improve vision for sports and we are looking forward to helping you too. For details on sports vision training or to set an appointment for a consultation, please get in touch with us today.


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