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Poor vision can cause a number of problems for young people. In fact, much of their intellectual and social development depends on how they see during classroom instruction and when playing with friends. With that in mind, many parents find themselves hoping to obtain non-surgical vision correction for their children who have vision disorders.

At Vision Development Center, we are the preferred provider of vision therapy in Jasper and Evansville. 

Eye Therapy Service From Your Developmental Optometrist in Jasper and Evansville

Eye therapy or vision therapy treatments are sometimes erroneously referred to as “eye exercises.” This term is misleading, since the point of vision therapy is not to strengthen eye muscles, but to help patients as they undergo training to reinforce previously learned aspects of vision.

It’s a non-surgical vision correction approach that takes place under doctor supervision. Appointments typically last 45 minutes per weekly session. In all cases, vision therapy is customized to the individual patient, which is the only way to achieve optimum results. 

About once every two months, the doctor will evaluate your progress, symptoms and how well you have developed new visual skills. Patients can expect the full treatment period to span 6 months to 12 months.

Goals of Vision Therapy

Each patient will have individual goals for improving their vision. But in general, the aim of vision therapy is to assist patients in developing their basic visual skills, improve their vision’s efficiency as well as adjust how their brain interprets all incoming visual information.

Vision therapy treatments enhance the eyes’ function by fostering faster and stronger neural pathways. You are not growing new brain cells, but you are increasing the connections between existing brain cells. This leads to improved visual performance and greater comfort as you look at things.

Tools Used in Vision Therapy Sessions

It pays to know what’s involved in vision therapy sessions before you come in for your consultation and first appointment. Your developmental optometrist has a variety of tools to improve the quality of your vision. Tools available for use in our facilities at Vision Development Center at include:

  • Balance boards
  • Electronic targets with digital timers
  • Filters
  • Patches (or occluders)
  • Prisms
  • Therapeutic lenses
  • 3D TV/Touch Screen/Virtual Reality technology

A professional developmental eye doctor must assess the patient before treatment can begin, and no two patients will use the exact same mix of therapeutic tools. This list of therapy session tools is not complete. The optometrist will give you details on the latest treatment methods and equipment when you come in for an evaluation.

Make an Appointment with Your Preferred Developmental Optometrist in Jasper and Evansville IN

As the preferred developmental optometrist in Jasper and Evansville IN for so many local patients, we welcome the opportunity to help you with your own vision therapy requirements.

With so many satisfied patients seeing improvement in their visual disabilities, we are proud to receive referrals from them.

To learn more about how vision therapy treatments can help with learning disabilities as well as improve visual function, or to make an appointment, please contact Vision Development Center today at 812-482-1411.


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